Blood Of Kings: The Shadow Mage


Heroes will rise, kingdoms will fall.

 In a world of violence, magic and rivalries, change is sweeping across the lands. To the north the sea raiders of the Pirate Isles are jostling for position in the race to see who will succeed their dying king. The claim of Jarl Crawulf of Wind Isle is to the fore, but there are those who would seek to damage his reputation in a treacherous game of power. While in the Duchies to the south an ambitious duke is intent on increasing his position and wealth by invading the lands of the feared dream-witch, a dangerous and lethal enemy.

 Caught in the midst of all this turmoil and upheaval is a blacksmith and his wife – a village healer. Arrested for witchcraft and sentenced to burn Aliss is pulled from the flames by her husband. Tomas then seeks the aid of a dark witch to heal her terrible injuries. Fugitives from the law, and cursed by dark magic, their love for each other and loyalties to those who would use them will be tested to the limit.

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